BPM Consulting

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Do you want to have dheka working directly on your company’s processes?

Do you recognize yourself in any of the questions below?

  • How to reduce the company’s operating costs?
  • How to align processes with the organization’s strategic objectives?
  • How to model/map the company’s work processes?
  • How to ensure the continuous improvement of the processes and expand the results obtained?
  • How do I gain agility or speed in my processes?
  • How to encourage collaboration?
  • How to analyse the sustainability of processes?
  • How do I automate my work processes so that they are less manual?
  • How to be in compliance with the rules and legislation in force?

Are any of these a common challenge for your company as well? So, you have come to the right place!

The purpose of BPM Consulting is to work in a specific phase or in the complete business process management cycle.

dheka specializes in BPM services:

BPM consulting can be established through projects. dheka’s consultants carry out process management activities as a field team, while transferring knowledge to the client’s team.

What is the difference between dheka’s mentoring and consulting?

dheka’s BPM consulting is ideal for companies that want to have our team of experts dedicated to their processes. BPM mentoring is an individual mentoring job. You can bring your questions and we will answer them. You can also bring your specific problems and we will guide you to carry out BPM activities on your own so that you can learn by doing.

How do I contract it?

Sounds good? Get in touch and request a quote adjusted to the size of your demand!

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