Requirements Management

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How to Manage Business and Software Requirements?

Dheka’s Requirements Management solution aims to reach consensus on the needs of the system and guide the construction of a system that serves the stakeholders. Thus, it applies a systematic approach to the survey, specification, verification, validation and traceability of business and software requirements.

In the survey stage, techniques of document analysis, interviews, questionnaires or workshops are used. In the specification stage, the desired functioning of the software is detailed, using different models (use case diagrams, process models etc.). Finally, validation and verification are carried out to ensure consistency and alignment with customer needs.

These steps are intended to provide support regarding typical software development problems, such as:

– Users who do not always know what they want or even know, but cannot express themselves accurately;

– Users who think they know what they want until the development team delivers what was requested and, they realize that it was not quite what they meant;

– Software analysts who believe they understand business issues better than their customers.

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Requirements Management Consulting and Mentoring

A specialist dedicated to teaching in practice – doing it while you watch or guiding you to a hands-on experience.

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Deriving Requirements from the Process Model

How to specify software that helps you in the day-to-day work? Have you considered using your business process model?

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