Green BPM

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Making processes sustainable

Green BPM (Green Business Process Management) focuses on analysing business processes, thinking about the environmental and social impact that products and services cause. The idea is to consciously improve and manage processes, thinking about optimizing resources in the process activities, reducing environmental impact, minimizing waste and reducing consumption of non-renewable resources.

Green BPM is especially useful for companies that are concerned with the environment and that encourage sustainability. Green BPM can be applied to any type of business process.

Apart from the benefits regarding environmental impact, Green BPM also adds:

.Reduced logistics costs
.Ease of decision-making process considering “green choices”
.Use of technological resources that consume less energy
.Decreased in the use and waste of non-renewable resources

The concept of Green BPM is quite new and organisations still do not have a methodology for its implementation. However, dheka has defined an approach for the inclusion of green practices in each phase of the BPM cycle.

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