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Bringing people and processes together

The reasons why a certain group of people get together to perform a certain task in a collaborative way can be as varied as possible. When a task or problem is great, complex or requires multiple skills, it is necessary a joint effort. Social technologies are increasingly present in people’s daily lives. Thus, they also find more and more receptivity in organizations.

Dheka’s Collaboration solution aims to bring processes and people closer together in order to boost productivity, quality and knowledge sharing. This integration between processes and people increases creative capacity, it improves the resolution of complex problems, communication, learning as well as innovation.

Processes cannot be modeled without considering the people who are going to execute them and the way they interact and relate with one another. At the same time, collaboration integrated into the process context has a clearer objective, so that people can work together to achieve business goals.

The idea is that the process model portrays how the interaction between the process participants was planned. The execution of the process will show how the dynamics of collaboration are actually exercised. In this regard, dheka has some products and services.

Products from this solution

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Social BPM

Integration of technologies to support collaboration with the various activities of business process management.

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Collaboration Maturity Model to track collaboration in organizations’ business processes.

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