Business Process Office (BPM Office)

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How to Implement a Business Process Office?

Whether in organisations that already have experience in Business Process Management (BPM) or as an opportunity to encourage the adoption of BPM, the creation and implementation of Business Process Offices in companies is a world trend and a reality towards the national scenario. Organisations with a Process Office benefit from concrete results from their BPM initiatives, resulting in better global performance.

Often, companies find it difficult not only to keep the documentation of processes integrated and updated, but also to promote understanding of cross-cutting processes. In addition, they may end up concentrating excessively on day-to-day activities to iron out last minute-problems. In this way, they run out of time to think about how to improve processes. The BPO can guide actions related to process management and spread their benefits throughout the organisation. It aims to ensure that BPM really adds value to the company.

A Process Office provides methodologies, training, tools and guidance to guide BPM actions within the company. Thus, the implementation of a BPO is the key to successful process-based management.

dheka has practical experience in the creation and implementation of several Process Offices in Brazil. With this excellence in the implantation of a Process Office in different customers, dheka has developed a detailed methodology with the considerable steps to establish a Process Office. The real cases of using this methodology enhance the chances of your organisation having a mature and sustainable process core.

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