Strategic Planning

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Do you need support to work out strategies that help achieve your company’s goals? Not sure what actions to take to achieve the goals you set? Need help to prioritize your actions? Need to quickly review your entire strategy in the face of the new business market scenario?

Planning is a fundamental step towards achieving the company’s goals. The strategy helps to allocate resources and prioritize actions to achieve these goals. This prevents entrepreneurs and managers from getting lost in the middle of various day-to-day tasks without knowing which direction to take.

Strategic planning begins with an analysis of the company’s context in order to understand its positioning in the market. For this we use the  SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) matrix, which helps us to perceive the company’s pluses and minuses, internally and externally.

After this analysis, missionvision and values are established for the company. Basically, the idea here is to understand the company’s purpose, what is the company road map and what principles will undertake all the company’s actions.

Then, we define the objectives and goals that we want to achieve within a time frame. Bearing in mind that strategic planning does not necessarily have a long-term reach. For example, in the case of startups and small companies (or in very uncertain or turbulent scenarios), it may be more appropriate to devise short plans and closely monitor the progress to ensure the possibility of changing the course quickly.

Thereafter, an action plan is drawn upenabling the company to put the strategy into practice and achieve the desired goals and objectives. In this action plan, priorities are decided, the responsible persons are defined and a date to meet each milestone is set.