Agile BPM or Lean BPM

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 How to streamline process management projects?

Currently, projects are increasingly dynamic and managers want results that are faster. Consequently, Business Process Management (BPM) begins to be revised to promptly deliver results and products. As a solution to this problem, the idea of adapting the agile practices of software development for the management of processes came up, making it more dynamic and iterative providing faster deliveries and therefore, increase the level of customer satisfaction.

The difference between Agile BPM or Lean BPM for the use of traditional BPM is that in this case, non-traditional techniques coming from agile or lean methodologies (Scrum, XP, Kanban) are deployed in process management. The principles, values and agile practices present in these agile methodologies were adapted and inserted in the BPM cycle.  In addition to the methodology for managing agile processes, dheka also proposes the use of templates and tools to assist in this work.

This product is focused especially on small or medium-sized companies that need to plan or monitor their business processes, but seek to introduce this initiative without bureaucracy, formalism or long terms.

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