Why dheka?

dheka’s great differential is its ability to transform cutting-edge research into innovative products applied in the market for its customers. dheka believes that the path to innovation involves the integration of academia and industry. Thus, dheka has maintained partnerships with Universities for 15 years, working on research projects, jointly publishing scientific results and training graduates. This knowledge and experience favour the creation of excellence solutions, the transfer of knowledge and the training of its customers.

Based on the demands identified in the companies and the results of research developed internally, dheka works on the design and development of new products. This results in a constantly evolving portfolio, always looking for innovative solutions applied to real market problems. These solutions are actually adopted in practice by our customers! No project to be shelved and unused!


In its performance, dheka combines, balances and integrates people, processes and technology.

People are the most important pillar of any company. People, with their knowledge, skills and attitudes, make the company convey its vision of the future. It is not possible to define a process without taking into account the people (employees of the organisation) who will execute it or interact with it (customers as well as suppliers). You need to connect the process with people and the way they work and interact.

In general, processes are a way for the organisation to plan work and resources, according to its objectives. A process represents how the organisation works, how its activities should be carried out and the role that people play in its execution – sharing artefacts as well as knowledge.

Although technology is not enough in isolation, it is also essential to be coupled with the pillars – people and processes. Technology can support people to execute and manage processes in order to accomplish the best results for the company.


Combine knowledge and experience, all of which to create innovative Business Process Management & Collaboration solutions for our customers.


To be recognized until 2021 as a national reference in the provision of services and in the creation of innovative products for processes and collaboration.


dheka sets as its main values: agility, innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing - which permeates all relationships - within its team and partners and as well as customers and suppliers.

Our day-to-day