Process Analysis and Improvement

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How long will you keep trying to solve your management problems wrongly?

Are the company’s activities not well-defined and accumulating? Don’t know who is responsible for carrying out each activity? Are the processes penalized, when there is a change in the team? Don’t know how to improve the company’s way of working? Are the products not being delivered with the required quality or within the set deadlines?

Your company may be facing a problem regarding the processes! How long will you keep trying to solve your management problems wrongly? dheka offers the Business Process Analysis and Improvement service.

The objective is to apply and/or teach companies to analyse and improve their processes in a simple and effective way. As a result, your company will be more organised, enabling you to plan and obtain long-term results that positively impact your profits.

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Business Process Office: structuring to manager, support and promote BPM throughout the organisation. It includes defining the methodology, work processes, good practices and tools for carrying out BPM projects in the company.

BPM Consulting: Execution of consulting or mentoring projects in business process management (BPM).


Business Process Modeling: details the main steps of the process modeling methodology, starting from the survey of the process to the understanding of its current situation (AS-IS), going through its evaluation until reaching a future vision project (TO -BE).