BPM Mentoring

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Do you want dheka by your side, supporting your Career in BPM?

Have you ever thought about having dheka´s support to structure your career in BPM? What if you could have – by your side –  people with more than 15 years of experience in the process area to support you in your academic challenges and/or to clarify your doubts when it comes to get your hands on the process?

Sounds good? So, enjoy it because now you can purchase mentoring packages with dheka and have exclusive sessions to exchange ideas about your BPM projects, clarify your doubts over processes and even ask for help to prevent something from going wrong within your process office deployment or process automation project!

What services are included in BPM Mentoring?

By attending our mentoring sessions, you will be able to clarify your doubts individually and talk about your specific difficulties concerning processes. All sessions are protected by a confidentiality agreement, i.e.your information will be safe with us.

How are BPM mentoring sessions conducted?

The sessions are entirely online through Google Meet or Zoom, and they last one to two hours. The sessions are scheduled and can take place from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 7 pm, according to your availability and that of your mentor. At the end of all sessions, you will receive the link for exclusive access to your session recording.

How to contract?

dheka offers the service-hour package modality to get BPM Mentoring in a quick, practical, and controlled way. The service-hour package is a simple, flexible contracting model that fits your budget. The hours of the package can be spent gradually, in weekly meetings, within the agreed deadline.

What is the difference between BPM mentoring and dheka consulting?

  • In BPM mentoring you can bring your specific questions and we will answer them. You can also bring your specific problems and we will guide you by developing an action plan to solve them, however, in this case, you are the one who will implement it!  The mentor reviews the production of the necessary artifacts, but they do not perform these jobs on their own – you can learn by doing.
  • dheka’s BPM consulting is ideal for companies that want to have our team of experts dedicated to their processes.

Take advantage of dheka’s promotional plans now and solve your process-related problems! Don’t miss this chance to have dheka knowledge at your fingertips!

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