Requirements Management Consulting and Mentoring

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Learning Requirements Management from those who know

How to make a good specification of requirements? How to manage requirements changes? How to ensure that the specified system is what the customer wants? How to avoid the common mistakes in Requirements Management?

It would be so nice to have someone to answer these and other questions in your projects, wouldn’t it?

Even better, if someone could teach as well as support you at the same time! First, doing it for you to observe and then teaching you how to get your hands dirty, by having a hands-on experience.

In Consulting and Mentoring in Requirements Management, the objective is to apply the concepts, practices and tools in practice, while teaching companies to perform Requirements Engineering in the day-to-day of their software development projects.

In consulting projects, the dheka team conducts requirements management activities, from their eliciting or surveying (identifying information sources and collecting facts), modeling and specifying requirements, analysis and negotiation, verification and validation to requirements management.

In the practice of mentoring, a senior professional from dheka, with extensive experience in similar projects, guides the members of the organisation to perform the requirements’ management activities (which can be of all phases, or just a specific one), answering questions, following the meetings, reviewing the production of artefacts, assisting decision-making process and transferring knowledge to increase the maturity of the company’s requirements analysts.

dheka also assists in the creation of the methodology for requirements management, creating templates, best practices, and choosing the models, techniques and tools that best suit your organisation.

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