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How to integrate technologies to support collaboration with process management?

Social media are increasingly present in people’s daily lives and with that the tendency is that they also find more and more receptivity in organisations. Multiple companies already have Facebook, blogs or even Instagram and Pinterest to promote their products and services. This trend is also reaching Business Process Management (BPM). Stream news, comments, chats, online polls, etc. are some of the technologies included in the activities of the BPM cycles, aiming to encourage the participation of users, customers and partners.

There are several opportunities for integrating social technologies and supporting collaboration in the BPM cycle: planning the collaboration strategy and designing the collaboration in organisational processes; collaborative process modeling; ad-hoc and dynamic execution of the process; news stream for sharing facts about the process; monitoring the performance of collaboration in the execution of business processes; and discussions about the process in communities of practice to improve it and expand the organisation’s knowledge in BPM. dheka proposes some supportive products to be used in these phases.

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CollabMM: Collaboration Maturity Model to project collaboration in organisations’ business processes.

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