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How do I choose software for my company?

The search for a new system for a company can happen motivated by the need to replace obsolete systems or the possibility of automating a new process.

The process of choosing a software can go through several steps before choosing the best supplier. Some steps that can be contemplated in order to acquire software may include the development of RFI (Request for Information) and RFP (Request for Proposal), which in addition to serving as price-making tools, also seek information about suppliers (company background, technical capacity, customer references, among other relevant indications for choosing a software package). 

Another important step in choosing a software package is the POC (Proof of Concept) which verifies the potential of the software to meet the customer´s needs through a demonstration of the software by the supplier using a previously structured script by the software selection team.   

Thus, a selection strategy is necessary with well-done planning for the scenario in question. It is often ideal that these steps are carried out by professionals with experience in software selection so that the company’s employees do not have an overload in their daily work and the selection process can be carried out with greater assertiveness, since it is difficult for the company that seeks a software for the first time to have an experienced professional in software selection available. 

In order to choose the software that best suits the needs of stakeholders, several criteria must be taken into account. In addition to the commercial criteria and functionalities /requirements, there are other ones that can impact the choice of the best software such as issues related to the support offered by the supplier, integration with legacy systems, the need to develop customizations in the software offered, among other features that must analysed according to each specific need.

dheka works with a software selection methodology that allows the customer to have at their disposal a great amount of information about the possible suppliers and the respective solutions offered by each one of them. In addition, the approach allows the prioritization of the most important criteria for your company when choosing a new software, without neglecting other standards that may also be relevant when purchasing  software, such as the financial health of the supplier and its performance in the current market.


The choice of software for the company can cause great impacts since the financial investment is heavy and there are several risks associated with this choice, for example:

– The choice of a piece of software that does not meet the required functionalities can introduce extra costs in the system integration and maintenance phases;

– Integration problems with legacy systems;

– Decision makers can be influenced by the salesperson’s speech.


Among the benefits of a well-structured software selection project are:

– The choice of software that guarantees that its value acquisition is maximized;

– Consider technical selection criteria in addition to price;

– Prioritize the criteria according to their relevance to the company.

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