Process Management Diagnostic

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Do want to know your company´s current BPM maturity level and thus to plan future evolution actions?

A common question within the current batch of companies that are on the BPM Journey is: how are we going in the implementation of  BPM? Or perhaps: what is the current level of maturity of my company’s process management?

Without having these answers, how to venture out to strategize and implement BPM actions in your company? How to know which medicine the patient needs without having any clue about their pains or the results of the exams to arrive at a process diagnosis?

Process Diagnosis works as a thermometer that signals to the company:

  • What are the positive aspects to be preserved regarding BPM practices? Positive? Yes! Absolutely. Because it must not be true that nothing is working well. There must be a lot of things being done right that can’t be lost or just gone;
  • What are the negative aspects to be improved? The diagnosis indicates the possible need for internal revision and realignment toward BPM to allow its future sustainability.

Process Diagnosis is based on using Business Process Management Maturity Models (BPMMM) as a reference model. These models define the dimensions to be evaluated and the practices that must be observed.

From this big picture of the Diagnosis, it is possible to draw a roadmap with a path of future actions to solve the indicated points to increase the maturity of the management of business process.

The roadmap outlines the short, medium, and long-term actions to be taken to achieve the desired goal.

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